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Kerman is a city in southeastern Iran with 677,650 inhabitants (2006)[1], situated on a sandy plain 1749 metres above sea level. It is the capital of Kerman with 2,652,413 inhabitants (2006) and an area of 181,714 km². Kerman is the largest carpet producing and exporting center in Iran. Kerman is a large producer of pistachios on the world market. The province is rich in minerals, like copper, coal, chromium, lead, zinc, uranium and aluminum, but mining has remained on a small scale. In recent times crude oil has been discovered, but is yet not exploited.
Get in
By plane
Kerman International Airport (IATA: KER – ICAO: OIKK) has regular flights to some major and smaller cities in Iran. The destinations include: 1. Tehran (3-4 flights per day) 2. Isfahan (1 flight per week) 3. Zahedan (1 flight per week) 4. Mashad (2 flights per week) 5. Kish Island (2 flights per week) 6. Kermanshah 7. Shiraz
By bus
Kerman is well connected to most parts of the country by bus.
By car
Freeways connect the city to Yazd(300 Km), Zahedan, Bandare Abbas(600 km), Birjand and Shiraz(600 km), Mashhad (1,200) km.
By Train
Kerman is connected to the whole railway network of Iran. It is connected to Yazd and also it will be connected to Zahedan in the near future(Under construction).
Get around
You can get around the city by taxi or bus. You can also go to the small towns such as Mahan, Joopar Shahdad, ...as well as the villages, such as Sirch, Zngi-Abad and ... by bus or taxi.
- Bazaar - Explore the arcades of the bazaar, indulge in the smells of oriental spices.
- Gonbad-e-Jabaliyeh - An amazing dome in the east of Kerman.
- Ganjalikhan bath - A historic bath
- Mouyedi Ice-House - There are several small-gardens around this ice-house which were filled with the water in winter, then after that the water iced, the ices lead to the ice-house to use in summer.
- San'ati museum - An interesting museum in contemporary arts of Kerman.
- Vakil traditional tea house - An attractive traditional tea house in the covered bazar.
- Ganjali Khan Square - It is similar to "Naghshe Jahan" and "Mirchakhmaq" squares. The bazaars are located in three side of square and in the fourth side, the Ganjali Khan School is established.
- Ganjali Khan Mosque - It is located in the north-west of square and near Ganjalikhan School. It was constructed in 1007 A.H.
- Zarabkhaneh museum - It is located in the north side of square. This eight-angle place includes an arch, four porticoes and four booths in four views. Now, it has changed to coin museum.
- Jameh mosque - The Friday mosque.
- Moshtri-ye-Moshtak Ali Shah - A holy shrine.
- Malek mosque (Imam mosque) - A gem of a mosque!
- National Library, housed in a former a textile factory.
- Museum of the Holy Defense - Interesting installation in the courtyard, depicting a battlefield in the Shatt-el-arab. Admission 3000 IRR.
- Takht-e-Darya-Gholi-Beyg - A monument in the side of the hills in the east of Kerman.
- Ghal'e Dokhtar - A historical castle in the hills in the east of Kerman; attributed to the Ashkanian era.
- Ghal'e Ardeshir - A historical castle in the hills in the east of Kerman; attributed to the Ashkanian era.
- Rugs, Like many Iranian cities, Kerman produces rugs and has its own well-known style of rug-making.
- Pistachio, Kerman is the center of producing the pistachio in Iran. More than 95% of Iran pistachio is produced in Kerman.
- Kolompeh is a very delicious pie
- Henna a flowering plant which is another souvenir of kerman.
- Cumin a herbaceous annual plant, which is another souvenir of kerman.
- Patteh is a unique handicraft which is produced in Kerman.
- Quvetoo
- Distills, Kerman have many kinds of aromatic distills.

Get out
- Visit Rayen with a magnificant old citadel (similar to Bam).
- Mahan is only 30 kilometers away. Thereby you can see Shazdeh's garden which is a UNESCO World Heritage Site and about 5.5 hectares with a rectangular shape and a wall around it. The garden is a fine example of Persian gardens that take advantage of suitable natural climate. As well as the Shah-Ne'matollah-e-Vali monument.

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